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Primary Residence

No matter if you are buying a property for the very first time, for the second or third time, we are going to advise you perfectly with your mortgage credit request and optimize it fiscally as well.

Rental Investment

A very interesting investment in Luxembourg might still be an investment in bricks. The purchase of a property that is rented out also has an important fiscal advantage and the price of real estate in Luxembourg will doubtless continue to rise in the coming years.

Divorce & Separations

A divorce or a separation is never easy to handle, it is even more complicated to solve if there are common financial commitments. Let us accompany you during the entire process, from the deed of partition to the restructuring of the existing loan.

Restructuring & Refinance

With increasing rates, the monthly installment of your loan might have increased a lot and there might be the chance to just refinance your credit and eventually extend the duration in order to bring back your usual monthly cashflow. Sometimes, people just signed a mortgage contract with their primary bank and trusted the banker without having compared the conditions with other financial institutions. Let’s take a look at your existing mortgage, we will analyze if it makes sense to restructure the loan with better terms.

Frequency Asked Questions


Generally, a home loan is obtained from a lender to purchase a home. The loan is secured against the home you are buying, and the lender’s interests are registered on the certificate of title.


The home loan is secured by a mortgage on the title of the property. A mortgage is a form of security taken over real estate and land.

We have access to a large number of lenders, to be able to get you the most favorable terms. Going to your bank restricts your options and you may not meet their lending criteria. We know what the lenders’ criteria are, so we can save you the time and hassle of dealing with the banks.

We will go through the application process with you and help you gather all the additional information required to ensure you have every opportunity for approval from the lender.

This is a very open ended question and depends on your circumstances and the type of purchase you plan to do. Generally, a 5-10% deposit is preferred by the lenders, but different deposit amounts apply to different purchasers.

Mortgage brokers don’t work for the banks – they work independently and are paid directly by the lender. We don’t charge any fee to a client.

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